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Product specification
• Frame made of aluminium sections
• Integrated flat heating element



• 100mm-wide heating zone
• External temperature contra1
• Working temperature: 0-200°C
• 220/380 V, 50Hz mains voltage or as requested

• Low weight
• Flat construct ion
• Uniform temperatur
• Simple operation

Sufficient accessories, tools and expendable materials are included with the delivery. This includes:
• Soldering gun
• Temperature control device
• Foot pump
• Hot air dryer
• Layer separating knife
• PVC paste
• PU bonding agent * Welding foil
• Finger marking foil
• Teflon glass-fibre


Mobile finger punching device
The punch was specially designed for assembling conveyor belts on site, i.e. for use on the machine. Finger connections for any belt width can be prepared. Punching tools, which are available as an accessory, can be supplied either for rectangular or diagonal connections (standard 60 degrees).

• Low weight (19 kg]
• Simple and fast handling
• Usable for any belt width
• Shorter down time during belt assembly

• Punching tool. The tool has a length of 1000mm if other lengths are not requested.
• Operating instructions

Functional description
To prepare a welding connection, the finger punching device and a suitable punching tool are required. The device's hydraulic system generates the pressure necessary to cut the fingers. This pressure acts on a stamp. The stamp then cuts the shape of the finger into the belt with the help of the punching tool.

The first fingers are cut on the edge of the belt. The fingers are then cut section-wise over the whole width of the belt by shifting the punching device. To make it easier to move the device, it is fitted with rollers. The punching device is shifted by approx. 100 mm for each section.

Thanks to the power produced by the hydraulic system as well as the simple and functional design of our finger punching device, you are able to produce professional finger connections easily, safely and quickly in belts of any width.