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The company offers: PU conveyor belts, cotton belts and special ones (e.g. silicone conveyor belts). PU conveyor belts are widely used in food industry (conveying raw meat, shaped semi-finished products, finished products). Using PVC is a good solution for those sectors, in which precision of conveying raw materials as well as finished products plays an important role.


The belts are widely used to convey products of the confectionery industry. What is more, the Märtens company specializes in endless conveyor belts. Special belts are silicone and Teflon belts used for special solutions.


A noteworthy opportunity given by Märtens conveyor belts is, that the belts can be embossed with the Customer’s own logo, which delivers a unique design to sweets or bars of chocolate.


The Märtens company is the leading manufacturer of expanding conveyor belts. They consist of a transversely elastic polyester fabric with silicone rubber coating.They are used in expanding tables to separate or to bring together products during transportation.


The company is experienced in producing belts for corner conveyors. Modern technology of producing belts enables to use corner conveyor belts with the velocity of even 20 m/s. The company’s offer contains also belts used for traditional vertical conveying (carriers, guide profiles, corrugated edges).